Data-Driven Marketing Solutions: The Science and Art of Growing Your Business with HULK Media

Elle Du Plessis, HULK Media Director




The current consumer landscape has completely transformed the sales process and the way people buy. In fact, up to 70% of purchasing decisions are now made before a buyer even speaks to a salesperson. This means that marketing efforts must work even harder to build awareness and engagement, while sales teams must show up as trusted consultants and expert problem solvers.

Elle is a seasoned professional who has had the privilege of working with leading global brands and talented leaders in the publishing, advertising, and creative industries. Through her extensive experience, she has honed her skills in building strong relationships and influencing perceptions.

Elle specialises in helping businesses optimise their customer engagement and conversion rates through a range of services including business development, partnerships, sales strategy, advertising, process design, and sales coaching. With her expertise, she can help your business navigate the ever-changing landscape of consumer behavior and drive growth.

Jaysen Du Plessis - HULK Media Director




Meet Jaysen, a results-driven digital business specialist with a proven track record of directing comprehensive marketing operations. With progressive experience in cultivating and implementing solutions that drive lead generation, consumer engagement, and brand recognition, Jaysen is a true dynamo in the digital world.

Throughout his career, Jaysen has successfully developed and commercialized start-ups, products, and services by leveraging his expertise in analytics and forecasting to deliver exceptional return on investment results that grow revenue.

As an out-of-the-box, analytical thinker, Jaysen specialises in making continuous improvements in digital transformation, profit margins, and marketing optimization to drive business growth. And with his keen eye for detail and dedication to continuous improvement, Jaysen is the perfect partner to help your business achieve its goals and reach new heights.

“We believe every business can benefit from data-driven insights
and actionable strategies to grow revenue.”